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One of the most important aspects of dental care is routine examinations every six months.

Some people avoid dental appointments until they are experiencing pain. By visiting the dentist regularly, problems you cannot see or feel can be found and dealt with quickly.

Should you require treatment following your routine examination, options are available to suit your needs, such as restorative fillings, endodontics and extractions.

Should you suffer dental trauma or emergency, such as uncontrolled bleeding from the mouth, severe dental pain and facial swelling, emergency appointments are available for registered patients.

We will try to see you as urgently as possible, although availability can sometimes be limited.

If you are not registered with us but require emergency treatment, please call the
NHS Dental Helpline on
02920 444 500.

Sometimes a tooth breaks down beyond repair and an extraction is required.

As a registered specialist of Oral Surgery, Dr Ben Omovie is able to extract impacted wisdom teeth.

Wisdom tooth extraction at Nicola Taaffe at West Grove eliminates long hospital waiting lists and reduces recovery time as it is done without general anaesthetic.

After extractions, we have many options available to close the space.

From time to time, some patients present with toothache, sensitivity or have suffered dental injury of trauma. After examination by a dentist, occasionally the root canal needs to be treated. This process is called Endodontics - or root canal.

Molar teeth that need endodontic treatment are referred to an endodontic specialist. This treatment is subject to the fees stipulated by the specialist. 

Treatment time and outcome may vary according to the severity of the underlying cause.

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