Direct Access to a Dental Hygienist 

Lie Back and relax with a Direct Access Dental Hygiene Appointment 

You are in extremely safe hands with our Dental Hygiene Team who are very experienced in looking after many nervous patients and sufferers of Dental Phobia. 

Whilst it is always advisable to have regular routine examinations with the dentist, recent changes in legislation mean that patients can now access a dental hygiene appointment without the need to have a dental examination first. 


You now do not need to be a registered patient at any surgery or need to see a dentist for a check up first in order to receive hygienist treatment with us. 

The previous ruling was that hygienist appointments could only be provided if they had been prescribed by a dentist, but this is no longer the case. 

If appropriate our hygienists will provide information on preventative treatments when at home to help maintain the health and strength of your teeth and gums.


Please bear in mind that visiting a hygienist is not a substitute for a full dental examination. Hygienists are unable to diagnose or treat any dental problems that you may be experiencing, this can only be provided by a dentist.

If you suffer from sensitive gums all of our hygienists can offer you the option of using a topical gel (no injection needed) that numbs the gum area, this is described by our patients as a magic gel, it temporarily numbs the gums so that they are able to carry out treatment with a much reduced chance of any feeling of sensitivity which makes each visit a more pleasant teeth cleaning experience.


Undergoing a deep clean Scale and Polish with either Jane, Roxy or Jamie will ensure that your teeth are thoroughly clean and feel silky smooth. 

Jane Dental Hygienist
Dental Hygienist
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Direct Access appointments getting your mouth and your smile in the best possible health. Revitalise your smile!

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