Restoring confidence in your smile with precision dentistry delivered by a highly skilled, professional team of registered dental care practitioners equipped to carry out a comprehensive range of treatments and services.


One of the most important aspects of dental care is routine examinations every 6 months.

​Some people avoid dental appointments until they are experiencing pain. By visiting the dentist regularly, problems you cannot see yourself can be found and dealt with quickly.

​Should you require treatment following your routine examination, options are available to suit your dental needs, such as restorative fillings, endodontics and extractions.


A dental hygiene appointment allows the dental hygienist to thoroughly remove plaque deposits and any staining that cannot be removed by brushing alone, that may be caused by smoking, red wine, coffee and tea. You will be given oral hygiene advice and be advised on the progression and prevention of gum disease. Not only is the appointment intended to improve the appearance of your mouth, it will also improve your overall oral health.

The combination of regular hygienist appointments, alongside routine examinations and your own home care is the best way to achieve optimum oral health.

​We recommend our patients have appointments with the hygienist regularly. Hygienist appointments are 30 minutes in length, unless a shorter or longer appointment has been requested by the dentist.

Sensitivity during your hygiene appointments can be a thing of the past (ask us about our numbing gel). 


We understand how fear affects patients. Our team will help every step of the way; making time for you to talk about any concerns or apprehensions you may have and ensuring any treatment you receive with us is carried out at your own pace. You are in control.​

Nicola has helped a large number of patients overcome their dental phobia over the years. Click here to read some of our success stories.


On 1st of May 2013, the General Dental Council changed their legislation on how patients can access dental hygienists and dental therapists. Previously, all dental care has been delivered to patients under the prescription of a dentist. The new ruling, called Direct Access, means a dental examination prior to seeing a dental hygienist or dental therapist is no longer required. 

You do not need to be a registered patient in order to receive Direct Access treatment with us. You can be registered to another dentist or not registered with a dentist at all. 

During your appointment, the dental hygienist may notice oral health issues requiring examination by a dentist and may recommend a separate appointment for a dental examination.

Their appointments are cosmetic cleaning only and do not substitute a dental examination. We recommend that you attend regular, routine dental examinations every six months.

The dental hygienist cannot diagnose or offer a prognosis. If you are concerned about your oral health, please arrange an appointment with a dentist.


In addition to healthy teeth and gums, more and more patients are electing to have cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of their smile.

​Offering a wide range of cosmetic treatments, such as veneers, crowns, bridges and tooth whitening. We also provide dentures patients wanting to replace missing teeth.


From time to time some patients present with toothache, sensitivity or have suffered dental injury or trauma. After examination by a dentist, occasionally the root canal needs to be treated. This process is called Endodontics.

 Treatment time and outcome may vary according to the severity of the underlying cause.


Sometimes, a tooth breaks down beyond repair and an extraction is required. 

After extractions, we have many options available to close the space, giving patients a natural looking smile to be proud of.


As a registered specialist of Oral Surgery, Dr. Ben Omovie is able to extract impacted wisdom teeth. Wisdom tooth extraction at Nicola Taaffe at West Grove eliminates long hospital waiting lists and reduces recovery time as it is done without general anaesthetic.

In some cases, referral to the dental hospital for wisdom tooth extraction is still required.


For people wanting to straighten the alignment of their teeth, we offer a system called CLEAR ALIGNERS, an invisible and comfortable way to straighten your teeth with no wires or braces.​ The clear material is almost entirely unnoticeable enabling you to smile with confidence, even during treatment. The aligners are precisely tailored to you and will subtly move your teeth week by week into your desired position. Clear aligners are not suitable for everyone, at your initial appointment the dentist will assess your suitability for this product.


Tooth whitening can be a highly effective way of improving your smile without invasive treatment. Nicola will recommend the duration and frequency of the treatment after accessing your oral health.​ 

Tooth whitening is not effective on dental restorations such as amalgam or composite fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers etc.

​This treatment is not available to those under 18.


Dental implants are a permanent replacement for teeth and an alternative to wearing dentures, surgically placed directly into the jaw bone with a titanium screw.

 Dr Ben Omovie has many years of experience placing implants and will guide you through the process.


Intravenous sedation provides a feeling of relaxation and comfort during dental treatment, decreasing stress and anxiety. It is a good option for those who suffer from dental phobia.

It is not an anaesthetic and will not make you unconscious but will allow you to enter a relaxed, sedative state whilst treatment takes place.

It is also a good option for patients who have a sensitive gag reflex, as it relaxes the muscles that trigger it.


Should you suffer dental trauma or a dental emergency (such as a toothache that is keeping you awake at night), emergency appointments are available.

Emergency appointments can be booked online or by calling the practice on

(029) 2045 3346.

We will try to see you as urgently as possible, although availability can sometimes be limited.

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