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One of the most important aspects of dental care is routine examinations every six months.

Some people avoid dental appointments until they are experiencing pain. By visiting the dentist regularly, problems you cannot see or feel can be found and dealt with quickly.

Should you require treatment following your routine examination, options are available to suit your needs, such as restorative fillings, endodontics and extractions.

A hygiene appointment allows the dental hygienist to thoroughly remove plaque deposits and any staining that cannot be removed by brushing alone. Oral hygiene advice and information regarding the progression and prevention of gum disease will be provided.

We recommend regular hygiene appointments. They are usually half an hour in length but this can vary at the prescribing dentist's request.


We offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments, such as veneers, crowns, bridges and tooth whitening.

For patients wanting to replace missing teeth, we provide dentures and dental implants

Dental implants are surgically placed into the jaw bone with a titanium screw and are a popular alternative to wearing dentures. However, they aren't suitable for everyone so a consultation is required to assess suitability for this treatment.

Many people experience tooth loss but don’t like the idea of wearing a denture or having to drill multiple teeth to make a bridge.

Dental implants could be the solution. 
An extremely realistic, long-lasting option for tooth replacement, implants are metal titanium screws inserted into the jaw bone on top of which sits a tooth restoration.

Dental implants are considered by many to be the gold standard for tooth replacement.

All our implant surgeries are done in-house by our qualified oral and implant surgeon, Ben.

For people wanting to straighten the alignment of their teeth, we offer clear aligners.

This is a comfortable way to straighten your teeth with no wires or braces. The clear material is almost entirely unnoticeable. The aligners are precisely tailored to each patient and will subtly move the teeth week by week into the desired position.

A consultation is required to assess suitability for this treatment.

Some people experience extreme anxiety and fear when coming to the dentist; this is normal and
not something to be ashamed of.

This fear makes it difficult for them to receive the dental treatment
they need and sometimes means that problems are left for years without proper care.

At west grove we provide ourselves on being able to offer sedation in house for those who want it.

All our staff who provide sedation treatment have undergone extensive training and as such, we are
a dental phobic certified practice.

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