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A hygiene appointment allows the dental hygienist to thoroughly remove plaque deposits and any staining that cannot be removed by brushing alone. Oral hygiene advice and information regarding the progression and prevention of gum disease will be provided.

We recommend regular hygiene appointments. They are usually half an hour in length but this can vary at the prescribing dentist's request.

Previously, all hygienist appointments had to be delivered to patients under the prescription of a dentist. Legislation, called Direct Access means this is no longer necessary.

With Direct Access, you can have your teeth cleaned by a hygienist without registering with us. You can be registered to another dentist or not registered with a dentist at all. 

Direct Access appointments are cosmetic cleaning only and do not substitute a dental examination. 

Our new Acteon prophy jet allows for more thorough polishing and stain removal. Using a combination of water, air, and powder, this polishing technique will preserve enamel yet will give you a super clean, stain-free smile. 

Thanks to its gentler cleaning technique, the prophy jet can be used for periodontal and implant patients.

The powder we use in the prophy jet is sodium bicarbonate-based and has been designed and studied to give an effective hygiene treatment, which will remove coloured, stubborn stains and bacterial plaque. Even in areas that are more challenging to access, such as pits and fissures.

It comes with a choice of five flavours, neutral, lemon, raspberry, mint, and cola. 

The Acteon Prophy Jet is available for an additional £10. 

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