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Some people experience extreme anxiety and fear when coming to the dentist; this is normal and not something to be ashamed of.

This fear makes it difficult for them to receive the dental treatment they need and sometimes means that problems are left for years without proper care.

At West Grove, we pride ourselves on being able to offer sedation in-house for those who want it.

All our staff who provide sedation treatment have undergone extensive training and as such, we are a dental phobic certified practice.

Sedation differs to general anesthetic as with sedation you are not fully “put to sleep.” 

Instead, you are made very sleepy, so that you can still be compliant but are not aware of what is happening around you.

Our sedation is delivered via IV, as opposed to oral sedation. IV sedation works very quickly, which reduces the time you are in the chair, it also makes it easier to adjust the amount of sedation you may need. Furthermore, patients who undergo IV sedation have little to no recall of the appointment, this may reduce any associated unpleasant feelings that coincide with your dental visits. 

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