With the recent heat wave we've been experiencing, it's essential to maintain good hydration​ levels for your body and your oral health too!

On average, the recommended daily water intake for an adult is 2 litres of water. With the increased heat, the body sweats more than usual which means water intake may need to be increased.


Water hydrates the body and helps gets rid of waste as well as bacteria from your mouth, it helps keep your skin glowing and promotes your overall well-being. 

Keeps Your Mouth Healthy

Fights Dry Mouth

Consuming fizzy drinks, juice or sports drinks can leave sugars and acidity behind in your mouth.


These sugars creates an acid which starts attacking the enamel on your teeth.  Once the enamel has worn away, further damage can occur. 

Water cleans your mouth, washing away food and any nasty bacteria trying to attack your teeth.


Sipping water throughout the day can help to keep your mouth healthy and reduce risk of cavities.

Saliva is your mouth’s first defence against tooth decay. Saliva not only helps you swallow but also helps to get rid of leftover food.

When your saliva runs low, you may get dry mouth which puts you at a risk of tooth decay.


Drinking water consistently throughout the day could help overcome dry mouth. A trip the dentist is also essential to help find out the root of the problem and find the solution.

There are a number of factors which can cause dry mouth including:




✔    lack of water intake

Tips To Stay Hydrated

1. Carry a water bottle everywhere you go and ensure you sip throughout the day. Even take water to bed and sip throughout the night.

2. If you're consuming alcohol and caffeine these drinks can dehydrate your body so try to balance each drink with water.

3. Urine can give you an idea of your hydration levels:

- light lemon colour, likely that you're properly hydrated

- dark yellow colour, likely you're dehydration, so get sipping

If you have concerns about your dental health during the hot summer weather or want a check-up to ensure the condition of your teeth contact us to book your appointment.

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