At Nicola Taaffe at West Grove, you can be assured – we are committed to excellence when it comes to the quality of treatment and care we provide. Our predominantly female team continuously strive to provide the level of courtesy and comfort for patients that we would expect for ourselves, in a relaxed and  comfortable environment. Your welfare is always at the core of the practice; the highest standard of professionalism and care is aimed for at all times.


At Nicola Taaffe at West Grove, we understand how fear affects patients. Our team help sufferers of dental phobia every step of the way; making time for you to talk about any concerns or apprehensions you may have and ensuring any treatment you receive with us is carried out at your own pace. You are in control.

We offer further support to those who need it, such as intravenously sedating you for your dental procedures. Sedation dentistry can help to get you through your dental treatment. 



Should you suffer dental trauma or a dental emergency, such as toothache that is keeping you awake at night, emergency appointments are available.

Emergency Appointments can only be booked by calling the practice on (029) 2045 3346 between 10am-2pm.

We will try to see you as urgently as possible, although availability can sometimes be limited.

An Emergency Consultation fee is £90. View our Price List for what's included in this consultation and other treatments available. 

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"From my first visit as an emergency patient nine years ago, right through to the present day, I have always received excellent care - friendly, efficient, with a commitment to preventative care."

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We will be providing emergency treatment and telephone advice only. Our telephones will be open Monday to Friday between 10:00am and 2:00pm. 

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